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Be Replenished Counseling

MaryEllen Martyn
Licensed Professional Counselor
  Board Certified National Certified Counselor

                      Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider




Everything begins in its own time and pace. 

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      Specialized Therapy in Trauma Recovery



Psychotherapy for Adults 


Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling, Capella University 

Specializing in EMDR Therapy

I provide both short-term and long-term psychotherapy and counseling which are centered around your unique goals. The methods I use are grounded in the integration of mind, body, and deep self-awareness.


Together, we develop a clear path based on understanding your needs and perspective on your personal experiences throughout your life.


Unlocking the layers provides the opportunity for the desired Transformation. Growth and Development are a natural result that will be noticed in expected and unexpected ways in your life. 

Who Is MaryEllen

The journey toward healing and self-reflection into your experience begins today. We all have had moments where we looked at the desert of our lives and wondered if the dryness would ever end. We all have managed to accumulate "baggage" over the course of life. The weight of what we carry can surely "sink" our attempts at a path filled with Love, Joy, and Success!


                                      Life is about Perspective...Growth...Change...

                                                                  and Taking Charge


The Dryness will End when You finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!


                                           And I am Here to Help You Every Step of the Way

For 24 years, I have worked with clients through unimaginable obstacles. You are not alone.


You know what 24 years does to any career, it molds and guides one into a therapist who has seen and accomplished much; a therapist who has gained Expertise by years of working with individuals, like yourself, through tough and stuck places.  This is the Expertise that you are looking for. If you needed a Specialist for surgery, would you be inclined to pay a novice to operate on you? Many go from therapist to therapist looking for someone with the right skills and knowledge. It is true that you get what you are willing to settle for.


If you are a willing partner with me,  I will help you to heal and find that elusive Breakthrough that you have been longing for. 


YES, YOU CAN AFFORD ME! The Fact is that You simply can’t afford another day doing it the same old way expecting a different outcome.  I will work with you to create a CUSTOMIZED BLUEPRINT for you to walk step-by-step into your New Life, Full of Passion and Direction and Wholeness. 


Follow-through is VITAL to seeing your life Change for Good! Many quit therapy early not because therapy was not working, but rather they started to feel better within the initial few weeks and decide that this is good enough. Others quit because they believed three sessions would change everything. Quick fixes never last. Therapy requires a deeper level of exploration in order to change patterns of thinking first, and then the actions follow into this new way of thinking.


The problem is that without all of your wounds healed, you will likely continue to operate out of those wounds, leading you down more roads that you would rather not walk on anymore. 


Where do you really want to be over the Next Six Months?


Let's face it, you have tried other avenues and yet you are still here in this moment with unfinished business in the past to deal with. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You can't get out of the pit when you didn't know which tools to use or even where to find them. Nothing is a quick fix.


You didn't get to this place overnight but staying here any longer just brings hopelessness and endless days of drowning in the after effects. 


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MaryEllen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Strategist helping people heal from the areas internally, within a person, as well as what daily life has thrown at them.


What has caused you to sink, even beyond the feeling of drowning, is my specialty to resolve.


My desire in utilizing methods to heal with direction and tools, is to find you out of those stuck mountains, both Giant and Small.  


For the last 24 years, MaryEllen has maintained devotion to changing the negative beliefs of her clients through providing inspiration, hope, and the keys to live an abundant life of obtainable wholeness.

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, MaryEllen offers a highly personalized approach tailored to each client's individual needs to help attain the personal growth and healing they are striving for. Together with each client, MaryEllen works to develop strengths and achieve life goals.  MaryEllen has the talent and mastery skills to work on the most difficult of concerns. 

Everyone needs a little Help and Guidance at times,

and therapy can be quite Empowering.


We all struggle from time to time with aspects that simply overwhelm us and leave us less effective in our lives. It is never too late to start a journey that will reward you with an enjoyable life.


The first counseling appointment is always the hardest, but I promise to make the process a warm and positive experience. I look forward to working with you and being a part of this journey.  ~MaryEllen Martyn LPC 

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When was the Last Time you felt Free to be who you really are and not who you were becoming through life's circumstances and trauma?  Many Park themselves to the side Waiting for things to get better, but without action Most will stay right where they left off!

Surfers on the Beach

One-on-One Personal Counseling

Find Your Fresh Start & New Direction
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Your wealth is Inside of You. I specialize in pulling the Gold out of People, so that You can achieve all that you Dreamed of Becoming!
                                                        Healing from the Past Allows the
Gold to Come to the Surface

MaryEllen began her career working with at-risk youth who were involved in the court system and in danger of being removed from their home. MaryEllen provided understanding, acceptance, and a blueprint out for each teen, so that they could find their amazing future within their own hands.


When a person sees no hope, they will act the same in every area of their life until they just give up completely. Everyone deserves to climb as high as they are willing to go. There are no ceilings, so don't make any for yourself. 

MaryEllen has also worked in several mental health hospitals and agencies in a few different states throughout her career. Unfortunately, many of these facilities fail to see that a person, even with a challenging diagnosis, could ever recover. MaryEllen felt differently and soon was well-known as a therapist who could turn things around for even those stuck for decades in their patterns. No one is a throw-away client trapped in a mental health system. As long as you desire to be healed and find change, you can overcome what most believe is insurmountable. It sounds impossible because few choose to embrace the core of who humans are and what they are truly capable of.  You can HEAL & be TRANSFORMED

MaryEllen then branched out into her own Private Practice where she could fully create the atmosphere necessary to help clients establish lasting results.


What we foster will grow. When we stare at the negative that will become out of control, which leads to our mind, will, emotions, and body to respond in unhealthy and overloaded ways.


SHIFTING a person to a New Perspective leads them to the Joy and Happiness that is so readily available and within arms length. 

Let Me Show You The Way............

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~Healing Is A Choice
                  A Journey One Never Regrets~
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So Many See That They Have A Map & Compass For Life's Troubles, But Lack The Knowledge To Navigate Their Specific Journey.... 

              Many More Never Saw The Power In Their Own Hands To Invoke The Change Needed

Empowerment Is Learned!

Nothing is Automatic. We Must Be On Purpose And Diligent If We Want To Create A Life We Enjoy

You Didn't Get Into This Space Overnight So Make The Commitment To See This Process Through Until Your Goals Are Achieved 

You Can Only Truly Live In The Here & Now. Allow The Past To Heal, So That The Open Doors & Opportunities Can Flow Once More 


You deserve a life of prosperity and abundance. Grab Ahold Of Life

Let’s Create Your Vision Together

Cloudy Fog

Eight Mountains To Conquer 

Guilt & Shame

Staring At The Past 

Unforgiveness Of Self & Others

Regrets Disappointments & Missed Opportunities

Failing To Use The Keys In Our Own Hands

Waiting Too Long To Take Action

Giving Negative Thinking Full Unchecked Reign 

Judging Your Situation Against Someone Else's

8 Represents New Beginnings

                           Let This Be The Day A New Beginning Comes Into Focus!

It's Time To Master What Has Been Mastering You

Image by Jasper Boer

One-on-One Personal Counseling

Shift Into The New Beginnings- Let Now Be Different

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