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Life Coaching

What exactly is Life Coaching?


Life Coaching focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goals, and desires. Together, we will look to build your level of awareness, personal discovery, and responsibility while providing you with structure, support, and feedback. 

A Coach will help you:


~Discover Yourself, Self-awareness, and Potential

~Focus on Values

~Personal and Professional Vision

~Pursue Passions

~Find Direction

~Develop a Strategic Life Plan

~Build Strengths and Skills

~Reach Higher Levels of Success

~Live a Life with Purpose that Matters

~Enhanced Performance

~Life Balance and Wellness

~Go Through Life Transitions and Adapt to Change

How is Life Coaching Different from Therapy?


Psychotherapy generally involves working through and resolving illness or trauma, treating disorders, healing pain, resolving conflict or issues from the past. 


Life Coaching deals and focuses on strictly the present and how we can reach our future goals and visions for our life. We will identify obstacles and barriers while creating a clear plan to obtain whatever you are seeking. 

The paths we choose in life directly impact where we will end up in life. Taking charge of your life is key to reaching your dreams in life. 


The small things we do in life will add up to influence areas of our life we may never anticipate.


I encourage you to take charge of your life, your choices, and your destiny now! 

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