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We are contracted with Aetna; Oscar; Oxford; United Healthcare; Cigna

These would be PPO/POS/HDHP plans. Within each of these company's umbrellas are hundreds of different types of plans. We can run your insurance details to verify what your benefits are and if you are covered In-Network. We have partnered with Headway for Billing In-Network Clients. Use this link button below to setup and account. Click on the ADD INSURANCE button. Headway will verify your benefits and cost breakdown.  (You will not schedule your appointment through Headway's portal) 





We are able to bill most insurance policies that have Out-of-Network Benefits (non-HMO policies).

We've partnered with Mentaya, a service that streamlines getting reimbursed for your therapy sessions through Out-of-Network benefits.
    Mentaya is perfect if you:
    • Have out of network benefits
    • Feel overwhelmed by superbills and insurance
    • Have submitted superbills but failed to get any reimbursement
    • Simply want to skip the hassle of paperwork!
    Here's how it works:
    1. Sign up for Mentaya: Use Button below.
    2. Our practice will enter your sessions into the platform.
    3. Mentaya submits the claim and handles any insurance follow-up.
    4. You get reimbursed by insurance! Typical 3-4 weeks turnaround.

    Mentaya charges a 5% fee per claim, which includes handling any paperwork required,
    dealing with denials, and calling insurance companies.
    It's risk-free: They guarantee claims are successfully submitted, or a full refund of their fees.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

We can be reached directly at 423-481-0881- just send a text and we will call you within two hours to go over your needs and to answer any questions. 

Thanks for submitting!

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