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Your pain is real despite what the mass numbers of people have told you. You over hear someone making a comment about women who have had an abortion, and you suffer in silence. No one knows or understands the pain you are in. You have no one to talk to and nowhere to turn to end the reminders every time you see a child walking by.  The opinions of others DOES NOT define you or your journey. You deserve and are worthy of a life free of the past. 


You are beautiful and deserve to find your Peace...Forgiveness....Healing... and Become Whole Again....


Let me walk with you through this journey.

I am here when you are ready............



~MaryEllen Martyn, MS, LPC, BCNCC, BC-TMH

Specialized Therapy in Trauma Recovery 

​                                                                           Healing & Wholeness


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You are forever changed by a baby that you did have and a baby you did not have......You can heal today and end the suffering in silence. 

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