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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling remains one of the strongest reasons someone seeks counseling. The problem...people wait until they are ready to pull the plug on their marriage to actually seek help to save the marriage. This makes counseling quite a challenge for everyone involved. Once you have opened the divorce door, people tend to not want to close off that option to do the necessary work to save their marriage. 


I work from a simple belief... WE all go into a marriage with "baggage" we think we can manage and handle. However, at some point for everyone, this baggage seeps out in ways we never expected, and we start talking and reacting out of the wounds from this baggage. 


This is the most profound truth I know when I work with people in conflict...

Everything that irritates you about others, is your key to understanding yourself.


What angers you in another person is an unhealed aspect of yourself. If you had already resolved that particular issue, you would not be irritated by its reflection back to you.   


I structure session with a mixture of Individual & Couples Counseling with each person. The goal is to build each person up to develop healthy communication and new interactions going forward.       


The reason for this is simple... If you are both healed and whole, then you can resolve the issues and challenges in the marriage far quicker and more effectively. In addition, going forward the past wounds will not be there to create more issues in the future. 


Your Marriage will be built back from the foundation up and not the other way around. 


When making your first appointment, come as a couple so we can discuss your full needs.  If you have any further questions, please contact us. 


You may schedule a session on the BOOK ONLINE page.

We offer Individual or Couples Sessions Via

In Office or Video Conference

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